Contact / FAQ

Question? Feel free to email us using the form below. We do our best to answer everyone in a timely fashion, but we’re more musicians than capitalists, so it may take a while.

Please note: I can only answer emails about once a week.

I wish it was more, but with work I just don’t have time. Please be patient with us. Between shipping orders, running the label, work, and everything else, we often take some time to get back to your emails. I swear, we’re not trying to be rude or ignoring you.

Some Frequently Asked Questions.

Where’s my download code? Shopify sends you two emails – one confirming your order, one a few minutes later with the download code. Wait a bit, or try checking your spam. If you don’t get it within the hour, let me know via the form below and I can send it to you. (No, I don’t know why it works this way, and yes, it is super annoying).

Did you get my order? Probably! If you got an email from the store, it means we have your order (check your spam folder if you’re missing an email).

When will my order get here? Probably soon. Keep in mind we ship out packages once a week, usually Mondays. Packages do occasionally go missing, either in the mail or on our end, so feel free to contact us if you feel your package is MIA.

Why does my order still say “processing”? We don’t actually use this function of our site – your order will always say “processing,” whether we’ve shipped it or not. We’d like to change this, but right now it just adds unnecessary time to our turnaround.

I paid for 3 day shipping, and my order still hasn’t arrived! We usually offer either Priority or First Class shipping options. If you pay for “3-4 day shipping,” that tells us what method to use when we ship out your order. It doesn’t, unfortunately, change the speed at which we can actually pack up your order and ship it out. We do our best, but please try and remember it’s usually just one person shipping out orders, and when order volume is high we can get bogged down.

Do you accept submissions from bands? Sure. For MP3 submissions, use the contact form and send us some links to sample material. For physical submissions, send to our physical address: 8 Oxford Drive, Middlefield, CT, 06455.

Please note that it often takes me forever to listen to demos. It’s not you, I’m just busy. I try to answer everyone eventually, but it’s an ideal I often fall short of.

Do you do interviews? If you’d like to do an interview with any of our artists, get in touch; they want to do an interview with you.