Planning For Burial – “Quietly”

“Prepare for a listening experience that’s a truly ‘stop-you-in-your-tracks’ moment. Highly recommended.”when the sun hits.

I was sitting here trying to put down the words to describe Quietly. We can start with the logistical: this was an ep,. originally released online but now expanded with more songs. It’s one of a handful of shorter pieces put out by Planning For Burial since we first released his debut in 2010 or so.

Less obvious, perhaps, is what’s actually on the disc – a true departure, something truly and wonderfully honest and heart-breaking, as all of Thom’s best work is.

Here is less of Planning For Burial’s traditional sound – less walls of fuzz, less layers – and more nods to bands like Red House Painters and Low, more stumbling and muffled vocals, more references to Slowcore and ambient, more Quiet.

This is intensely personal work, even when compared to Thom’s previous work. This is easily my favorite Planning For Burial record, and Leaving was one of my favorite records, period. There are moments so real on this album that it can be difficult to listen to.

But it’s worth it. It’s so, so worth it.

CD (our last for a long time). High-quality “King” DVD-sized jewel case featuring original artwork by the incredible Niels Geybels. Only 200 printed. Not to be restocked.

This is el17.