Have a Nice Life – “The Unnatural World”

“Sinuous instead of rigid, bloody instead of embalmed, the album refuses to be frozen in time or place. Instead it moves, and moves others with it.”Pitchfork
“…massive in its scope, with production that reflects the heft of the material more than ever.”NPR
“For such dark music, The Unnatural World is addictively melodic. “Brooklyn Vegan
“…an undeniable masterpiece.”ACRN
“hums with the overblown quiver of industrial percussion, the gasps of desperate reverb, and distant, elongated, harmonized vocals.”Alarm Magazine
“Have a Nice Life have perfected a sort of industrial shoegaze. Plus drone, plus doom, plus cold-wave, plus post-punk, wintry yet intimate. The soundtrack to a slow sink into the ground.”Decoy
“It’s literally flawless.”Anti-Gravity Bunny
“‘The Unnatural World’ by Have a Nice Life is quite possibly the most overwhelming album to have come out this year. In fact getting around to actually put my thoughts down has been a difficult task to accomplish..”Last on Our List

5 years after Deathconsciousness, Dan and Tim return with The Unnatural World, a tightly-wired exploration of the post-punk, industrial, and doom-fusion sound that they helped to popularize. Listen to it loud.