What There Isn’t

(If you aren’t sure what this is all about, please refer to this earlier post.)

First off, here is the the thing you want to know: the status of the ELHR subscription/donation thing.

Our original goal was to make enough a month – about $400 – to switch spaces, and have me dedicate myself more regularly to several of the logistical things we’ve let lapse over the past year or so.

Instead, we made enough in the first day to pay for the entire year’s worth of rent outright.

I have put off writing this post for the following reasons, which are listed here in increasing order of anxiety:

1. Almost immediately after putting the link up, I needed to leave for California;

2. When I got back, I had my wedding anniversary, another conference, and lots of overdue work to attend to;

3. I have no idea what the fuck I am supposed to say or do, now.

If you’ve ever complimented me, or the label, directly, you have probably received a reply saying something like “Thank you so much for the kind words; it’s appreciated.” This is always sincere, when I say it, but I worry that it doesn’t come across that way. So let me try this in a longer format:

The fact that so many people, from so many places, would pool their money and give it to us, this group of artists who so often can’t get our act together, and so often bite off more than we can chew, and so often do the things that we do just because it helps us be less upset and anxious and feel less out of control – it’s one of the truly profound events of my life. It isn’t an exaggeration to say that it has deeply affected the way I view the world, and other people, and music in general.

It’s definitely affected the way I see myself, and has become such an integral part of my self-image – this feeling that, “we tried, we did it, and it worked” – I don’t know where, or who, I would be without it.

I won’t ever lose sight of the fact that other people made this happen for us – and for me in particular.


Now, onto logistics.

I am not exaggerating when I say that I conceived of, and posted, the subscription link in a period lasting no longer than 2 hours or so. And I am also not exaggerating when I say that I had not really thought through the intricacies of how the included items would be produced and distributed. But now that this is a real thing – and it will be a real thing, every part of it – it’s time to move into the world of reality and figure out how this is going to happen.

There are many ways the “Club” thing can be accomplished, and so now it’s going to be mostly about figuring out the pluses and minuses. I think that the likely way this will go is the creation of a members website, which will include the digital archive, various pieces of content, etc. Whether or not this will be separate from the regular ELHR site, or whether or not I need to rethink how the existing ELHR stuff works, is up for debate.

However, there are a few things I want to put out there:

– I would love to start doing an interview series – something I’ve thought about for a long time – with people who are creative, awesome, and “doing it”, whatever that means. I would love suggestions of artists/interesting people you would like to see on there.

– I would love to make under-appreciated and interesting music to subscribers – not necessarily ELHR stuff, but just bands that are good and don’t get the exposure they deserve. If you’d be interested in sharing that way, let me know.

– I am going to put more effort towards this blog, as well as it’s sister ETERNAL SUFFERING SOCIETY, and possibly combine the two.

– I am nervous, but excited.

Again, thank you. Apologies that this took so long to get out. It is all a bit overwhelming.