Avoiding The Good Things

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It’s been a rough winter.

Between the house falling apart (basement flooding, septic tank filling, sump pump breaking), one of our dogs dying, this site being hacked, the stomach flu, a cough that won’t die, the endless snow, and then …

2013: Year In Review

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Every year – after the holidays are over, and we’ve all recovered from the food and the nostalgia and whatever it is that makes this time of year so great and horrible at the same time – I undertake the …

Grow Up

HAVE A NICE LIFE - The Unnatural World - Cover © 2013 . All rights reserved.

This is a big, important post. If you can read the whole thing, it’ll make more sense.

First, I finally have some official news about the next HAVE A NICE LIFE record, The Unnatural World.

The official release date

The Statistics of Depression

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I get emails from depressed people all the time. People looking for answers or help. I don’t have answers, of course, but I try to be open and share my experiences. It’s what I would have wanted, when I was …