Palm Reader – Goals For 2017

Every January, I post my goals for the upcoming year.

This is a useful exercise, even though I come back to these goals very rarely.

For one, I think of it as setting a general direction – pointing myself towards …

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I realize this is quite a while after the fact, but after reading a few reactions to the True Detective finale which seemed to miss much of the point, I’d like to offer an alternative explanation.

Obviously, if you haven’t …

New Design

Well, the new blog design is up. It mostly came about because of a need to convert to WordPress 2.-whatever. It’s done, I think it’s cool. I like the footer, I like the black block up there, it has alot …

In The Dead Night

I have been purging myself this week. Purging all these things onto paper.

I have never written or told anyone about these things. Now I’m putting them on the fucking internet, I really don’t know why. I certainly don’t …

The Virtuous Rich

The dizzying highs! The terrifying lows!

This has been a surprisingly tough week. I say this every week, it should stop being surprising. But it always is.

For one, I was able to do much more running around than was …