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Every year, I spend time dissecting the year that’s gone. And then, I spend time trying to plan or predict the year to come.

As I’ve grown older, this process has become more fraught. I am both more ambitious and …

Palm Reader – Goals For 2017

Every January, I post my goals for the upcoming year.

This is a useful exercise, even though I come back to these goals very rarely.

For one, I think of it as setting a general direction – pointing myself towards …

Iron John – Goals For 2016

(For the first part of this post, go here.)

2015 was a great year, objectively and emotionally. In many ways, I have achieved the lifestyle I dreamed of and worked so hard for – I set my own hours, …

Saul Steinberg's Last Self-Portrait.

Year In Review: 2015

So. 2015.

Ollie’s first full year of life, the year my business did it’s highest levels of growth. Black Wing came out. I stopped exercising. I ate a little better. I drank more, then less. I buried myself in work, …

2014: Year in Review

I’m just realizing I didn’t actually do one of these last year – or rather, I did the “year in review” post, but not the goal-setting post. Weird.

Not for lack of goal-setting, though. I had many goals in 2014, …


Half Deaths, Half Lives

i. Half-Death

Our dog was names P-Chan, which is an unlikely name. It was the name of a character from the anime Ranma 1/2, a combination of “P” for Pig and “Chan,” a way of addressing small children in Japanese, …

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I realize this is quite a while after the fact, but after reading a few reactions to the True Detective finale which seemed to miss much of the point, I’d like to offer an alternative explanation.

Obviously, if you haven’t …