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A quick message to whoever is running the Legrand Tumblr.

Hi there!

I truly appreciate your urge to share our music and work! Under 99% of all circumstances, it would be totally cool.

I’d like you to take it down, though, for a few reasons:

1. We’re sharing other band’s music to this list, and though I am perfectly comfortable with people pirating my own music, I’m not comfortable with facilitating that with the work of others.

2. The files we share are hosted on my own server, and I can’t really afford to pay for the bandwidth to host these files to an unlimited internet audience.

3. I write some personal things in there, and part of my gearing up to write those things is knowing that the audience is fairly small.

4. Your blog looks like it’s from me, and it isn’t.

If you could take it down, I’d appreciate it. However, I will not check on you, or ask you again. I leave it to your own judgement.


(p.s. if you’re reading this and don’t know what I’m talking about, you can learn more at support.enemieslist.net)