GILES COREY book cover © 2010 . All rights reserved.

A Look At the Giles Corey packaging.

Finishing this record has been one of the most time-and-soul-consuming things I’ve ever done. Most of that effort has gone into the packaging, which includes a book that’s spiralled into a nearly-200 page monstrosity filled with rare images, poetry, depressing non-fiction, and fictitious non-fiction.

The writing went fairly quickly – the layout of the book took much, much longer. I’m happy enough with the quality (we’re printing very low-cost, so though the cover looks nice and the stitching is quite good, the images inside the book don’t “pop” as much as I’d like) to start thinking about the cases for the CDs and so on.

Hopefully the actual printing process will go smoothly and we’ll have this out by January. ELHR is experiencing a bit of a backlog due to all the delays on the XASTHUR vinyl, so it may not work out that way. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.